Company Background:


Broddson AB in Motala, Sweden is a world leading manufacturer of sweepers for road maintenance with rapid growth in Scandinavia, the Middle East and Africa. In addition to global sales, installation and technical support, they also provide spare parts and brushes through a network of suppliers and partners.

For countries like Egypt sand is a serious issue, much of the sand ends up on the roads, which can lead to hazardous driving conditions. How can this and other debris be effectively taken care of, swept up and placed on a flatbed truck? That's where Broddson comes into play! A popular machine is the Broddson Scandia towed conveyor sweeper which removes sand from the road and transports it via a conveyor belt to the back of a truck. A recent delivery to Egypt showing the effectiveness of the machine can be viewed on YouTube:


The Challenge:

When creating a new machine there are many phases, the design of the machine in a CAD solution, making sure there are clearances for the installation of a diesel engine and various other components, the welding of beams, and plate bending. For the CAD solution Broddson previously used a common parametric 3D program.

Construction Manager Richard Liljedahl:

"We felt that our parametric program was certainly competent, but that parametric design was a very cumbersome approach. Conditions and constraints to be administered, every part having to be saved to its own file, resulting in hundreds of files, with no real benefit to us - we want to be able to create and modify as easily as possible."

Because of this Broddson started looking alternative 3D CAD solutions. Richard continues:

"I happened to see a movie on YouTube that showed how IRONCAD worked. I thought immediately that this seems to be something completely different! I downloaded IRONCAD and tested it myself and along with the Swedish training material available on YouTube, I was quickly up and running."

The IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite: 



It later turned out that Broddsons's major subcontractor BTT Plate AB in Kisa had already discovered IRONCAD and used the program for years! Since BTT could positively recommend IRONCAD, it was an easy decision to switch.

"What I really appreciate about IRONCAD is that it works so freely and easily. It's a really big difference in approach, more logically laid out. The ability to have as many parts in a single file makes working and designing much easier, especially given the complexity of the machines we design. If I later choose to have a part saved out to a separate file I have that option, but it’s my choice. Having handles on the features makes it really easy to size components, SmartSnap makes accurate sizing relative to other parts in the design as simple as holding down one key on the keyboard and dragging the left mouse button. Different 3D primitives, standard components such as I-beams are placed in your design just by simply dragging and dropping from the catalog into the scene, like Lego! I can easily group parts in assemblies in the history tree - like folders in Windows Explorer. The Triball makes it extremely easy to move, copy, and rotate parts, features, and even faces with precision, without having to think about how the model was created from the beginning." Richard concludes.

"We are obviously delighted to have Broddson as a customer. Their products are leaders in their industry and a perfect fit to create in IRONCAD - machine construction with a mix of industrial components and self-manufactured parts. We see Broddson's needs as typical for many companies; you want to create and modify freely without the restrictions of traditional CAD software. Develop new products and customize existing ones. No one can predict what the next idea or customer's request will be, so having a design system like IRONCAD that offers incredible flexibility is key to reaching your design goals quickly and efficiently.” - Henrik Andersson of Solidmakarna AB who represents IRONCAD in Sweden.


  • Single scene design environment allows for multiple parts in a single file with fast and accurate sizing and positioning of components.
  • Designs are completed in much less time than traditional parametric CAD systems.
  • Learning the new CAD system was simple due to IRONCAD’s ease of use.

Many companies have chosen a regular parametric 3D solution, with all its limitations and lockups, without knowing that there is a better method in IRONCAD with incredibly flexible design capabilities. Now, more and more people have heard about this better approach to design. Now we see a "next generation of 3D" with a switch to IRONCAD which is easier to learn, more flexible and adaptable.” - Henrik Andersson of Solidmakarna AB.

To learn more about Broddson please visit their web site at www.broddson.se.


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